Mold can grow in almost any damp or humid areas, but can it grow in the sun? Mold can grow anywhere indoors or out, but it likes dark or shady areas the best. Areas exposed to sunlight are usually too dry for mold growth.

Mold can grow anywhere that it gets enough moisture. Indoors, mold typically grows where there are leaks or flooding. Keeping indoor spaces well ventilated and watching for signs of dampness are the best ways to prevent mold in your home or office.

Mold can grow on any porous surfaces, including paper, cardboard, ceiling tiles, and wood. Mold can also grow on dust, paint, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpet, fabric, and upholstery. 

Light and Mold

The amount of light definitely plays a role in mold growth. Mold spores cannot thrive in direct sunlight because UV radiation kills most spores. You can remove mold from fabric if you leave it out in the sun and open air. Items that are more delicate and prone to damage may be spared by sunlight exposure.

However, while the sun’s UV radiation does inhibit mold growth, sunlight can also encourage mold growth because of its heat. It all boils down to the amount of exposure and humidity. A warm, wet area is the perfect breeding ground for mold spores. Mold growth is highest in the summer season because it loves to be warm. 

Climate and Mold

Moisture is necessary for mold growth. Given Arizona’s dry desert climate, it would be assumed that the state is safe from mold. However, mold can still grow despite these conditions—especially after summer monsoons.

Since rain and heavy water is infrequent in Arizona, water leaks and damage can often go unnoticed. This silent threat can cause mold allergy and toxicity symptoms which often mimic common cold ailments. The severity of symptoms depends on the age of the person affected as well as their predisposition to acute illness. 

Moldgone serves all of Maricopa County. We offer comprehensive mold testing which includes air quality testing. Our comprehensive inspection involves full lab testing with two samples and associated reports as well as a visual inspection of the indoor and outdoor space. In our inspection summary you will receive pictures and a complete list of next step recommendations. 

Mold Remediation in Phoenix

Our patented dry fog technology is guaranteed to remove mold and harmful pathogens from your home or office. This safe alternative works in just a few hours and lasts a long time! Contact the experts at MoldGone today for a free inspection! 

Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash