Does mold attract bugs? In a word, yes. Mold gives off distinct smells that can attract certain types of bugs. While some bugs attracted to mold are harmless, others (like termites) can bring disaster. But don’t worry— you can get rid of mold and the bugs it attracts with mold remediation from MoldGone

How Does Mold Attract Bugs?

Mold acts as a nutrient source for some insects like mold mites and gnats. Mold mites can only be seen with an LED light, a microscope, or a high definition camera. These small, visibly undetectable white or off-white bugs love to eat.  

Mold also breaks down organic matter, which attracts bugs like roaches, crickets, slugs, and millipedes, and termites. Mold likes to grow on wood and other types of high-cellulose materials that termites like to eat. As mold grows, it gives off a musty smell that invites termites to the location. 

Some bugs simply thrive in the same high humidity conditions as mold, so they tend to inhabit the same spaces. Mildew feeders like the foreign grain beetle need a lot of moisture to survive. 

Mold often forms in bathrooms due to moisture buildup from the shower, sink, and toilet. Bugs like silverfish, psychodidae, carpenter ants, and lepisma can crawl up from bathroom drains when they’re attracted by mold and humidity. 

Preventing Mold and Bugs

Most bugs are harmless, but they will continue to appear unless the moisture and the mold are contained. Proper ventilation can reduce the risk of both mold and moisture-attracted bugs. Dehumidifiers are another excellent tool for reducing moisture, and they work well in bathrooms and basements where mold often thrives.  

Although household bleach sometimes offers a temporary solution to mold, there can be health risks if the bleach is misused. Furthermore, bleach cannot penetrate porous surfaces where certain bugs such as termites get their food source. If you have mold, you may need professional remediation services.

Get a Mold Inspection Today!

Bugs and insects that invade your home and office will leave when the mold is gone. Get rid of bugs and mold for good! MoldGone offers free on-site inspections, and our experts can recommend the next best steps toward eliminating the mold and its harmful pathogens. Our dry fog technology is guaranteed to remove mold spores long term, and it works in just a few hours. Contact us today for a free inspection! 

Photo by Angello Pro on Unsplash