Has your basement been smelling a bit mustier than usual? Or have you noticed dark spots forming on the ceiling or wall of your bathroom? These are signs it might be time to schedule a mold inspection. MoldGone offers free mold inspection and professional mold testing throughout the Phoenix Valley. 

When Would I Need a Mold Inspection?

We recommend getting a mold inspection as soon as you notice any signs or mold, after any water intrusion or flooding, and before purchasing a new home. You should always schedule a mold inspection if:

  • You have recently had water intrusion in your home and you want to see if it caused any mold to grow. 
  • You’ve noticed spots that you think might be mold forming in areas of high humidity, such as the bathroom or basement. 
  • You’re purchasing a new home—general home inspections do not typically include a mold inspection. 
  • Your home has been closed up for a few months and you want to check if that has allowed mold time to grow. 
  • You notice a “musty” smell in certain areas of your home or office.
  • Following mold remediation—or removal of mold from your home or business—to ensure all mold is gone. 

What Does a Mold Inspector Do?

During a mold inspection, a qualified professional will visually examine your home or business for any signs of mold. This includes both the inside and outside of the property, from the attic to the basement and all floors in between. 

A qualified mold inspector checks for current signs of mold, as well as evidence of past mold infestations. Prior mold growth shows could indicate hidden leaks or water intrusion that could reoccur in the future. 

Only a qualified mold inspector has a license to conduct mold inspections. Here at MoldGone, our qualified inspectors hold all the certifications required by the state of Arizona. They know what to look for and what actions to take if they find mold. 

What Is Mold Testing?

If a qualified mold inspector finds any signs of mold in your home or business, they may recommend professional mold testing to determine what types of mold are growing. Some molds, like black mold, are very harmful to both humans and pets. Mold exposure can cause allergy symptoms and complicate certain respiratory conditions. 

Because mold isn’t always visible, professional mold testing also includes air quality testing to determine how many mold spores are present in the air of your home or business. This test allows a qualified mold inspector to determine how serious your mold problem is so you can take appropriate action. 

While it may be tempting to purchase a DIY mold inspection kit from a home improvement store, remember that home kits will not test your air quality, and they are not always accurate. Professional mold testing is the best way to find out exactly what type of mold you’re dealing with and how much is present in the air you breathe. 

Free Mold Inspection in Maricopa County

Don’t let mold make you sick! MoldGone offers free, informal mold inspections to residents and business owners in Phoenix and throughout Maricopa County. Take the next step toward mold remediation—call us at 480-418-7228 or visit moldgone.com for more information.  

Photo by Matt Jones on Unsplash