Removing mold can be difficult and complicated, and can even put your health at risk. Professional dry fog mold removal is the best way to get rid of mold in your home because it uses new technology and the best sterilizing agents available. Dry fogging is safe, effective, clean, and the least disruptive to your life. 

How Does Dry Fog Mold Removal Work?

Mold spores are microscopic, and most of the time, mold grows hidden behind walls and underneath floors. The mold you see climbing up your basement stairs or creeping down your bathroom wall is not all the mold in your home. 

But anywhere that mold might hide, dry fog can find it. Dry fog can find its way into tiny cracks and crevices, and penetrate into fabrics. Dry fogging is a two-step process that involves pumping an ultra fine fog, or mist, into a specific area to neutralize mold. 

Besides surfaces, dry fog also eliminates mold spores from the air. This is what makes dry fog mold removal so effective—the fog fills every tiny crack, mists every surface, and even clouds the air, killing mold spores on contact. 

Is Dry Fog Mold Removal Safe?

The first dry fog agent to be pumped into the area is InstaPURE, an EPA registered disinfectant and sterilizing agent. As the fog spreads, it neutralizes any mold, fungus, or bacteria that it comes into contact with. Because this agent creates such a fine mist, it will even find its way between couch cushions and seep into carpeting to get rid of nasties you didn’t even know were there. 

Once all the mold spores are neutralized, an antimicrobial agent called EverPURE is misted throughout the space. Also EPA registered, this agent acts as an invisible barrier. Using negative ions, it draws in harmful mold spores and kills them. This agent keeps working for around 90 days after treatment, keeping your air, floors, and personal belongings free from mold. It’s far safer and much more effective than trying to remove mold on your own.

How Do I Get Ready for Professional Dry Fogging?

One of the best things about dry fogging is that it can be tailored to your specific needs. After your initial inspection, your mold removal expert will advise you on the next best steps to take. Here are a few basic steps to help you visualize the process.  

Step 1: Clean Up

Be sure to dust, sweep and vacuum beforehand. This will help the fog spread more evenly throughout the space.

Step 2: Open Up

Open any closets, cabinets, and drawers where you want the fog to penetrate. 

Step 3: Get Out 

To ensure your safety and the efficacy of the dry fog treatment, it is important to make sure that you, your children, and your pets have someplace else to be until the dry fog process is complete.

MoldGone Is Here to Help!

Does dry fog mold removal work? Yes—it’s the most effective, non-invasive mold removal treatment available. Now that you know how effective and easy the dry fog mold removal process can be, please reach out. We will gladly answer your questions and help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe by removing mold from your home. 


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (7/13/2022). Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash