Have you ever wonder what causes mold to be fuzzy? You may have encountered fuzzy mold on bread that’s been sitting in the pantry too long and discarded it. But what causes that fuzzy texture? In this post, the experts at MoldGone in Maricopa County, Arizona, break down why mold is fuzzy and what to do if you encounter it in your home.

Why Is Mold Fuzzy?

Fuzzy mold is most often found on food because that’s where it can grow the fastest. The fuzziness of mold indicates its stage of development. When mold looks fuzzy, that means that it’s preparing to reproduce and create more spores. 

The primary reason mold becomes fuzzy is to make it easier for the spores to get picked up by the air. Once this happens, airborne mold spores can find a new home in another part of your house, leading to a more dangerous mold problem. The growth of mold is not only harmful to you and your family’s health—it can also harm your pets and houseplants.

When you find mold on food, it can spread around your home and find a new home anywhere there is excess moisture, like in the bathroom or in a damp carpet. Once the mold finds a new home, it looks for organic matter to help sustain its life. The most common foods for mold are paper, cloth, and plants. 

In addition to fuzzy mold on food, there’s another common mold that also has a fuzzy texture: white mold. White mold is commonly found on furniture, attic wood, houseplants, and clothes. Its fuzzy, powdery texture may be a result of the surface it’s on, an indication of its development stage.  

What To Do If You Find Fuzzy Mold in Your Home

If you find fuzzy mold in your home, we recommend removing it as soon as possible. If the fuzzy mold is on food, you should dispose of it in a safe manner. To do this, put the moldy food in a plastic or paper bag and throw it in the trash. This method will ensure that no mold spores can escape and spread to other areas of your house.

If you find white mold in your home, you should contact MoldGone’s mold removal experts to remove it. If left untreated, white mold can cause health effects such as rashes, watery eyes, and more severe effects like asthma and respiratory issues.

Mold Removal in Maricopa County

Whether you have fuzzy mold on food or white fuzzy mold on your household items, neither of them should have a place in your home. Our patented dry-fog method can remove mold and purify mold-affected areas, all without the stress of moving any items from your home. If you think there’s mold in your home and you live in Maricopa County, contact the experts at MoldGone so that you can breathe safely again. 

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (4/22/2022). Photo by Nancy Hughes on Unsplash