Finding out you have mold in your home is already stressful enough! Worrying about the health of your family and potential damage to your home can cause quite a headache. However, the experts at MoldGone in Maricopa County, Arizona can help you avoid some of that stress with our dry fog mold removal services. We promise to make the mold removal process as easy as possible so you get back to your daily life.

How does dry fog mold removal work?

Dry fog mold removal uses EPA-approved sterilization agents instaPURE and everPURE to remove mold and protect your home from future mold growth. InstaPURE kills all existing mold, while everPURE (a bonding agent with similar properties to silicone) bonds to the surfaces in your home and forms an invisible shield that repels mold spores.

Wet Fogging vs. Dry Fogging

You may have heard of wet fogging and wondered how it compares to dry fogging. The main difference between dry and wet fogging is the size of the fog particles. Dry-fogging particles are much smaller (less than 10 microns) than those that are used for wet fogging (10 to 100 microns). 

Since dry fog particles are smaller, they can penetrate smaller spaces to ensure the mold is completely removed. Plus, dry fog doesn’t leave any residue or moisture so you won’t have to remove any items from your home or worry about any messy cleanup. 

Preparing Your Home for Dry Fog Mold Removal

Even though our patented process is safe to use in homes where pets and children reside, we recommend that you and your family find a place to stay while we complete the mold removal. You should also put away anything that could easily be damaged, and clear some space for the mold removal equipment.

Clearing some space will ensure that our experts can work more efficiently so that you get the highest quality service possible. We also recommend disabling any alarm systems you have installed, including smoke detectors. It is best to turn alarms off because the fog could trigger them during the mold removal process.

If you’re doing a full mold removal procedure, we suggest removing the sheets from beds in your home for the best results. This way we can remove any mold spores that may be growing in your mattresses.

Next, you’ll want to open all of the closets, cupboards, and drawers so that the dry fog can get into these areas to do the most effective cleaning. Remember, it’s not necessary to remove any of your personal belongings in your home. In fact, it’s better to leave them so they can be sanitized.

Make sure to close all windows so that the fog stays inside the home and does its job. You should also clean any dusty surfaces in order to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your dry fog mold removal treatment. 

Dry Fog Mold Removal in Maricopa County

MoldGone offers fast acting mold removal with minimal demolition. Mold removal preparation can seem like a daunting task, but with these quick steps, you can prepare your home for the highest quality mold removal services in Maricopa County. If you’re suspicious that your home has mold, give us a call to schedule a free inspection today. 

Photo by Nino Maghradze on Unsplash