If you suspect mold on your property, you need mold testing to confirm its presence. But should you go with a local company or a large national brand? In this article, our experts at MoldGone explain why it’s best to go with a local mold testing company. Keep reading to learn more!

Local mold companies understand our region’s climate

The Phoenix area has a uniquely dry climate for most of the year, along with a couple of wet months of monsoons and heavy rains. Because our region’s climate is unlike any other in the country, it’s essential that you use a local mold testing company if you suspect mold on your property. 

Why would you choose a national chain mold testing company based in Florida or somewhere else to test for mold in the Phoenix area? You wouldn’t because those national chain companies don’t understand our weather patterns or the times of the year when mold growth is most active. 

The mold testing process isn’t rushed

When you choose a local mold testing company instead of a national brand, the testing process isn’t rushed. National companies schedule thousands of mold testing services a day, and their technicians are often overworked. To keep up with their overbooked schedule, they need to rush the testing process, which can skew the results. 

Alternatively, local mold testing companies, like our team at MoldGone, never rush the testing process. We treat you like a priority because you truly are one! We never overschedule or make you feel like you are just a number. 

Local mold companies know the type of mold that is most common in the Phoenix area

A local mold testing company knows exactly what to look for in the Phoenix area. We test for the types of mold most common in the region. Alternatively, national brands don’t know what to look for and often miss certain types of local molds during their testing. 

Experience exceptional customer service

Local mold testing companies like MoldGone take pride in providing exceptional customer service. Because we are local, we are your neighbors and friends. We take pride in living in the Phoenix area and are small enough to respond to every issue personally. 

Alternatively, national mold testing companies have clients from all over the country. Therefore, they don’t get to know you personally and can’t respond to issues as quickly as local companies. 

You’ll get an honest estimate

Local mold testing companies care about our community. They don’t rip people off because they take pride in being honest neighbors. When you choose a local mold testing company, you know you will get an honest estimate. 

When you go with a national company, you don’t know who you are dealing with. Because they aren’t from the area, they often don’t care if they are giving you a good deal or offering exceptional quality. They just want your business and money. 

Local mold testing companies take the time to find the source

If testing reveals mold on your property, a local mold company takes the time to find the source. With the national brands, they just tell you that there is mold on your property then they are on their way to their next job. 

Do you suspect mold on your property and need testing? Go with a local company like MoldGone. We love serving the Phoenix and Maricopa County community, including Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona. Contact us today for your mold testing needs.